Ian Eck
Verbal and Visual should be friends


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“Mind Games” San Francisco Magazine - Cover Story

  • Drugs, electricity, ice water—how techies hack their brains in 2019

Designer Spotlight” Medium - Interview

  • If you’re looking for a real “About Me” section, this is it

"Principles of Motion in User Interfaces" Medium

  • Where I talk about the how’s and why’s of UI animation

"Can Entertainment Coexist with Intelligence on the Internet?" Medium

  • Something pivotal happened to Reddit during Obama’s second term

"The Men Who Would Not Wank" San Francisco Magazine

  • Masturbation as religious experience

"Network City" San Francisco Magazine

  • A snippet of award-winning journalism about Oakland’s civic-minded tech scene

"The Inevitable Rise of Startup Fiction" Medium

  • What’s the point of reading thrillers?

"The Case for ReservationHop" San Francisco Magazine

  • Playing devil’s advocate for the annoying hyper-capitalism of startups

"My Night with the Hook-up Truck" San Francisco Magazine

  • An “art” experience